Bagpipe Manometer


Bagpipe Manometer -Steady Blowing is one of the hardest things to learn on the Bagpipes. This manometer has been specially designed for easy use with the bagpipe. There are 2 different attachments that adapt to your pipes. One piece fits between the bottom of the blowpipe, and fits between the blowpipe and the blowpipe stock. This is the piece that holds the manometer gauge. The other piece fits between the bottom of the outside tenor stock, and outside tenor bottom. This piece allows the air pressure in the bag to be measured. The gauge is easy to read as it is in your site of view.

Blowpipe Extender

CODE: A-155

Blowpipe Extender - Often when changing your bag, or when a young piper grows, the need for a longer blowpipe exists.  This extender is designed to... More

Corking Kit

CODE: A-026

The Drone corking kit will allow you to put cork on your drone slides in place of hemp for smooth tuning ability. This was at one time the popular thing to do, and is becoming more popular lately. The cork does not expand and contract to the same extremes at hemp does, so your tuning slides are more accurate in many different climates.

Drone Reed Extenders

CODE: A-040


Drone Reed Extenders (pack of 3) -This product allows drones to lower on the tuning pin. This will help you attain better control and better overall sound. The extenders go into the reed seat and are easily installed. Please note, these are not useful on every set of pipes. Most pipes tune properly, and there are not necessary, but if your drones constantly tune too high on the tuning pins, then this is a product to solve that situation and give you the sound and control you are looking for. Drone reeds not included.

Dycem Double Patch

CODE: A-363

This Dycem Double Patch is the same as the regular anti slip patch, except that you get two in a pack. The second patch is cut out in an elbow shape so that it can be sewn on to the outer side of the pipe bag for added grip. This can be extremely important depending on what type of material your jacket is made of. Some pipers use one patch where it is situated closest to the body and others like to put two patches on the pipe bag cover with the other being situated under the arm that goes around the bag. The patch is easy to install on to existing covers, or you can have one sewn on to your new bagpipe cover.

Fraser Vest

CODE: A-370


Fraser Vest - for pipe bag For those that play a synthetic pipe bag and love the ease of maintenance of synthetic however prefer the feel of a hyde bag under your arm, then this is the answer. The Fraser Vest fits over the pipe bag, as shown in the picture to the left, and then gets hidden under the bag cover. The vest goes over the stocks, this is to avoid slipping. When you have the bag cover on your bag, nobody even knows it's there. It feels just like a hyde bag under your arm when playing. It's a great idea and works like a charm. Fits all types of synthetic bags.

Goose Adapter

CODE: A-041

Bagpipe Goose Adapter -This adapter fits into the chanter stock to adapt a piper's present regular-sized or large-sized practice chanter bottom to the bagpipe, to give an inexpensive goose, after corking the drones or stocks. This allows the piper to practice at length without becoming winded, or young players to practice blowing before moving on to a regular bagpipe chanter and reed. This is the type of product that every piper can use.

Goose Adapter with Airflow Valve

CODE: A-041 V

Goose Adapter with Airflow Valve - This new feature on the goose adapter aids the beginning player in controlling their airflow when using the practice goose. Using the valve will allow the player to increase or decrease the amount of air to the practice chanter to assist in more steady blowing.This product also allows for the drones to be played along with the practice chanter. Product accommodates most makes of practice chanter.

MacClens Disinfectant - Spray Bottle

CODE: A-139

MacClens Disinfectant - This spray bottle of MacClens disinfectant is great for spraying off the mouthpiece of your bagpipe or practice chanter. This is a great product to use especially after you are getting over a cold of flu, or after somebody has borrowed your pipes. This is a safe reliable, lab tested, and environmentally friendly product. This comes in an 2 oz spray bottle and can be re-filled with the larger 8 oz bottle of MacClens.

Reed Elastics

CODE: A-125

Reed Elastics - These handy little reed elastics are a great little item when you need to make alterations to your pipe or practice chanter reed. Using a reed elastic can alter the strength and pitch of your pipe chanter reed. These elastics come in packs of 12.
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