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Bagpipe Accessories :: Maintenance Items - Pipers' Choice - World Leaders in Bagpipe Supplies and Accessories

Maintenance Items

Bore Oil

CODE: A-015

Bagpipe Bore Oil - Pipers' Choice Bore Oil contains a special preservative to help prevent cracking and warping of the bagpipe due to excessive dryness or over-absorption of moisture. Comes in a 1.25 oz. bottle and should be used occasionally to keep the internal bores of your wood bagpipes in good condition. This can also enhance drone tone due to smoother bores. To be applied with cotton drone and chanter brushes.

Chanter Brush

CODE: A-013

Chanter Brushes allow you to clean the chanter bore which can collect a great deal of sediment that if allowed to build up, diminishes the bore and changes the pitch. The absorbent cotton brushes are 17" long with 9" of tapered cotton specifically designed for the chanter. This brush is also used in the application of Bagpipe bore oil.

Chanter Stock Cover

CODE: a-042

This Chanter stock cover is used to protect the reed when you remove the chanter from your bagpipe after playing. By doing so the reed is protected and will not absorb moisture from the pipe bag when you are not playing. This enhances the life of the reed and makes set up time shorter when blowing down your pipes.

Chanter Stock Cover - Deluxe

CODE: A-042 D

Deluxe Chanter Stock Cover - Just as the regular chanter stock cover, this one works in the same manor. The only difference in this one is the engraved design on the outside of the cylinder. Many pipers that play in either multiple pipe bands or play solo and band performances, have two or more pipe chanters in their pipe case. Having one cover different from the other helps in identifying each chanter as they can look very similar.

Chanter Stock Cover - Moisture Control

CODE: A-207

Chanter Stock Cover - Moisture Control - This is an inexpensive method to control the moisture in your reed when not playing. The cap comes with two compact sponges. Add water to one to provide moisture when not playing, or insert the dry sponge to absorb moisture. Replacement sponges available.

Cobblers Wax

CODE: A-033

Cobbler's Wax. Complete with a piece of leather to use as a hand grip. This cobblers wax is specially formulated to apply black wax to the first bit of hemp for extra sticking power. It is used when starting to hemp a joint on the set of pipes, and helps to prevent the hemp from spinning. This wax is also formulated so that it will not melt in your pipe case as has been the custom in the past with some waxes.

Double Wax

CODE: A-033 B

Double wax is quite simply a cob of half pure beeswax and half cobblers wax. This way you will only need one cob in your pipe case, and it can be used for two different purposes. Complete with a piece of leather to use as a hand grip. This double wax cob is also formulated so that it will not melt into a black puddle in your pipe case as has been the custom in the past.

Drone Brush

CODE: A-012

Drone Brushes are 17" long with a 9" absorbent cotton tip to remove moisture from the drone after playing. The soft cotton will not scratch the wood and can be washed out when soiled. This brush is also used in the application of Bagpipe bore oil.

Drone Stock Plugs

CODE: A-073 A

Pipers' Choice Drone stock plugs, install in the bottom of your drone stocks and help give greater control over your bagpipe by ensuring clean starts and cutoffs. These drone plugs are easy to adjust for blowing strength. They will also fit your bagpipe when using the Ross Canister bag system.

Drone Top Stoppers

CODE: A-044

Bagpipe Drone Top Stoppers are an essential part of your pipe box maintenance kit. They are used to shut either one or all of your drones off. This can be when you are breaking in a new reed, getting back into playing shape, or making your set of bagpipes into a practice goose. These drone top stoppers are made of Rubber so they will not wear out or break down.
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