Moisture Control

Achiltibuie Chanter System

CODE: A-221

Achiltibuie Chanter System - This chanter system is designed to control the moisture that reaches your chanter reed. This chanter system can be used in conjunction with the drone system, or just on it's own. Controlling the amount of moisture that gets to the reed will help you play for longer periods of time. Please note that to get the best use out of this product, you will need a pipe bag that has a zipper in it.

Achiltibuie Drone Replacement Cannisters

CODE: A-220 R


Achiltibuie Drone Replacement Cannisters - These are the replacement cannisters for the Achiltibuie Drone System. Set of three replacement cannisters.

Achiltibuie Drone System

CODE: A-220

Achiltibuie Drone System - This drone system is designed to control the amount of moisture that reaches the drone reeds, and regulate the amount of air that reaches the reeds. As well included with this system is a set of drone valves that will help control shut-offs. The drone valves are adjustable to allow you to set the tension. Please note that to get the best use out of this product, you will need a pipe bag that has a zipper in it.

Bannatyne Moisture Retention Sleeve

CODE: A-209

Moisture Retention Sleeve - This water trap by Bannatyne is similar to the classic tube style though the outer material allows for more moisture absorbency. The trap can also be air dried when needed.

Deluxe Water Trap

CODE: A-200

Deluxe Water Trap - This tube style water trap comes complete with a separating blowpipe stock. It works along the same principals of a regular tube style water trap, however, with the removable tube, it make it easier to clean your water trap without disassembling your bagpipe. The stocks are available in plain, imitation ivory, or nickel ferrule.

Ross Canister System - Full

CODE: A-391 R


The Ross Canister System is probably the best moisture control system on the market today. This system will control the amount of moisture that will flow to the reeds. This system is used by many of the top pipe bands in the world today, and continues to be the system of choice by top players. The system comes with 4 hoses (bass, outside tenor, inside tenor, chanter) a canister with lid, a replacement canister tape, and instruction manual. Individual parts are also available.

Ross Replacement Drone Hose

CODE: A-380


The Ross Canister drone hose is a replacement hose for the Ross Canister system. 

Ross Replacement Canister

CODE: A-390 R


The Ross Canister is a replacement for the Ross Canister system. This one has the top on it so that you can attach the hoses to the canister. You can also purchase the replacement canister without the top on it. These canisters are filled with the Ross clay for moisture control.

Ross Replacement Chanter Hose

CODE: A-384 R

19.99   19.95

The Ross Canister chanter hose is a replacement hose for the Ross Canister system. 

Tube Style Water Trap

CODE: A-028

The Tube style Water Trap attaches to the base of the blowpipe stock, and fits neatly into the pipe bag and allows the moisture to collect on the inside of the tube. This will still allow some moisture to get to the reeds, but not too much. To empty the trap, simply remove the blowpipe from the stock and tip upside-down. The moisture you have collected while playing should tip out.
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