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Pipe Chanter Reeds

Clanrye Pipe Reed

CODE: A-126

Clanrye Synthetic Pipe Reed -The Clanrye synthetic Pipe Chanter reed is stable, consistent and not affected by moisture. Unlike cane reeds, the tone does not depreciate with playing. It is available in three strengths: easy, medium and strong. They do not need to be blown! The strength at the outset is the strength for life. Some of the reeds features are: no blowing in, excellent stability, moisture and temperature resistance, high performance, extended lifetime and adjustable balance.

Pipe Reed Strength Tester

CODE: A-148

The Pipe Reed Strength Tester is a great tool for any piper. This will help you determine the strength of the pipe chanter reed that you are playing. When you have a pipe chanter reed that is a good strength for you, simply use the tester on the top of your pipe chanter, and determine the strength of the reed. Then the next time you need to order a reed, you can request the strength that will suit you best.

We use this reed strength tester for all of the reeds we sell. Here are the levels that we use. Please note the following are levels of water column inches. Soft - 27 or lower, Medium - 28 to 37, Hard - 38 or more.
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