Ezee Chanter Reed

CODE: A-215

Price: 32.00

Ezee Pipe Chanter Reed - The Ezee Pipe chanter reed is one of the premier chanter reeds on the market. It is manufactured to the highest standards. These reeds are used by some of the top solo pipers. Having a good quality bagpipe chanter reed is very important when playing a bagpipe. Each reed comes pre-tested and packaged individually in a plastic reed pack. This will protect them from chipping when not in use. Reeds are in 3 different strengths, soft, medium and hard. Please specify what strength you are looking for.

To gauge the strength of a chanter reed, we use the Pipers' Choice Reed Strength tester. Please note the following are levels of water column inches. Soft - 27 or lower, Medium - 28 to 37, Hard - 38 or more.
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