MicroPipes by Ross

CODE: A-320

Price: 204.00

Micro-Pipes: Electronic Practice ChanterMade by Ross. The Micro-Pipes are an affordable practice chanter that electronically reproduces the sound of the Standard Great highland Bagpipe chanter scale in the key of b flat without drone accompaniment. The notes are played in a very realistic manner by covering electronic touch sensors, positioned to exactly match the finger spacing of a regular pipe chanter. You can increase or lower the volume of the unit to suit your requirements. This unit takes 2 AAA batteries. There is no external sound box on this unit so head phones which come with the unity are used to hear the sound. If you are in the market for a low cost high quality electronic practice chanter, than this is the one for you. Headphones are included. A soft case is available for the MicroPipes
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