Shuttle Pipes - 3 Drone

CODE: A-303

Price: 749.00

Shuttle Pipes - The shuttle pipes made by Walsh Bagpipes are in the key of "A" major and are mouth blown, They are made of rock maple wood and the drone and chanter are fitted with plastic reeds. The chanter is plastic (poly). Shuttle pipes use the same fingering as the Highland Bagpipe so they are easy for any highland piper to play. The drones, which sits across your chest, is cylindrical in shape (8" x 2"). The Drones are tuned by moving sliders back and forth. These Shuttle pipes are the three drone configuration, so they have a bass, baritone and a tenor drone. The added baritone drone ads a fuller drone sound.

Soft-sided case or deluxe flight case available to hold your pipes. See the Case section for details.
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