Ghillie Brogues

CODE: H-213


Ghillie Brogues - These Ghillie Brogues have the same look on the top as the Piper style, but come with a different rubber sole. These Ghillie Brogues come in full sizes only, ranging from 4 to 12. As well the laces and tassels are included.

Ghillie Laces & Tassels

CODE: H-214

Ghillie Laces & Tassels - This is a replacement set of laces with tassels for your Ghillie Brogues. They come with 2 laces, and four tassels. These should fit any pair of Ghillie Brogues.

Guards Style Flashes

CODE: H-221

Guards Style Hose Flashes - These Guards style flashes come with a Velcro clasp to make it east for taking on or off. They come in either Red or Green.

Hose Flashes

CODE: H-217

Hose Flashes - Classic Style - These flashes come with an adjustable elastic garter with hooks making it easy to put on or take off. They are available in red, green, dark and light blue, and black.

Spats - White

CODE: H-207

White Spats - These Spats come with a Velcro strip for fastening. This gets away from having to do up each button individually. These spats are made of a bleached white material and easy to clean. Buttons are white. These spats are available in full sizes from 7 to 13.
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