Traditional Pipe Music

Pipe Music Book 1

CODE: B-020

Pipe Music Book 1 - by A.M. Cairns. You will find a wide variety of music that all pipers will find interesting as well as being able to play. A good tune is one that makes a melodic statement and that is what you will find in this book. A great addition to your collection!

Pipe Music Book 2

CODE: B-020 C

Pipe Music Book 2 (with CD) - by A.M. Cairns - This is a fantastic book for players of all levels. It has a lot of good tunes in it. The great thing about this book is that the tunes are already arranged in different medleys for you. This saves having to arrange a medley of tunes. As well, there are harmonies for a lot of tunes. There are a couple of drum scores written in the back for some of the tunes. All scores are by Greg Dinsdale. This book comes with a cd so you can hear the arrangements.

Privy Piping

CODE: B-019

Privy Piping - A most curious collection of tunes arranged for the highland bagpipe. Privy Piping is a branch of piping practiced by pipers in strictest privacy or in the company of closest friends. It is never performed before judges, teachers, uptight folk generally, or gentleman pipers of "a certain age". The Music for Privy Piping will never be found in the Scots Guards, Willie Ross' books or the Piobaireachd Society's publications or any standard piping book. So, next time you are at a gathering of people in need of relief - don't be bashful! The tunes in this book will enable you to be the best privy piper at any gathering. Go for it!

Rythmic Fingerwork

CODE: B-126

Rhythmic Fingerwork - This book is by Jim McGillivray. It is a great book of exercises for people who want to work on their technique. Pipers from experienced beginners through intermediate and advanced levels will find these 141 exercises, clear explanations and demonstration CD a boon to their musicianship.

Santa's Christmas Favorites

CODE: B-142

Santa's Favorite Piping Tunes - This book of Christmas carols and hymns, arranged for the bagpipe, was designed for the piper who is asked to play during this festive season. Be careful while trying to play your bagpipes in a Santa Suit!

Seconds from the Edge

CODE: B-154

Seconds from the Edge Bagpipe Harmonies - by Cousins, Haverstock & MacDonald

This book is a collection of favorite tunes playing in pipe bands. It contains the music for the tunes with harmonies pre-written for your band. This is a great book for players of all levels.

Tartan Tribe - Karl Walford

CODE: B-256

The Tartan Tribe - Big, Little Band Book by Karl L. Walford. This is a great book for those looking for music that is easy to read and play. Karl is a very talented composer with many of his compositions having been recorded over the years. You'll love the cartoons (by Karl) found throughout the book.

The Complete Burns' Piper

CODE: B-026

The Complete Burns' Piper - Compiled by famed piper Iain Duncan, this collection is perfect for any piper looking to play for any Robert Burns occasion. With over 50 pages of tunes and songs, the book also assists the piper with explanations of how to prepare for the event and even offers some tips on toasts.

The Florida Collection

CODE: B-013

The Florida Collection by Sandy Keith. This book has good solid tunes that the average piper can get their fingers around. It is great for pipers who would like to learn new tunes that are easy and musical.
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